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Michael Blaes and Teresa Blaes are hosts of the Small Business Puzzle podcast, run a marketing company or two, and have a LOT of projects on the go. It's fun to catch up with them just to follow all they're doing and see why they pick what they do.

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Scott Mautz is a smart guy who has a new book out called Find the Fire. We talk about how one grows and succeeds with personal leadership. Great guy and a fun chat!

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I talk to Amit Mathradas about what's going on at PayPal, especially with their Small Business in a Box. You might want to check it out. 

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I really enjoy a great interview. And I loathe bad ones. Here's my intent to help you help me by sharing what I think makes for a great interview. Mentioned in here specifically is Jeff Brown's Read to Lead Podcast. Other than that, use your Google muscles. Love you!  

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Anthony Reynolds and I talk about movie acting, rebuilding houses, and what it's like to tell your police office dad you're giving up your job as a cop to be an actor. 

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I chit chat with sales expert and author Jeb Blount from about his latest book, about selling, and you know, selly sell stuff like that. Jeb's good people. Friends with my buddy Anthony Iannarino. 

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Sat down with Jairek Robbins, author and performance coach, to talk about business and success and what it takes to thrive and grow. He's such a smart guy. This talk is so worth your time. (Jairek's also the talented son of one Tony Robbins. You've maybe heard of him, famous for being Jairek's dad.) 

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Thoughts I share with you from inside my car while in the middle of a heavy rainstorm. You know how people talk about making their own weather in their heart? What's wrong with rain from time to time? Drop me an email:

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Aaron Walker from is here to talk about his new book. Check it out at . You can find Aaron on Twitter at @VFTCoach , if you want to connect directly! 

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Check out Jas Boothe's kickstarter project at . Pretty cool. She's a disabled veteran dealing with depressive disorders and using comedy and laughter to get herself and the rest of us there. Great project and I want you to support it. 

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