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I have no guests today. Just me! in this, I talk about my new book, Find Your Writing Voice, and I talk about the cool JUMPSTART offer I've got at my company. Beyond that, I don't think I mentioned anything worthy of a show note. Oh wait, I talked about the Sodastream machine. There. That's all the notes! Promised you that I'd write better show notes and voila! Drop me an email and tell me you read them? 

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Great time talking about cybersecurity and cybersafety wtih Tim Burrows, who runs his own awesome podcast about social media and law enforcement. 

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My son, Harold Brogan, enlightens us about "soundclown" and "shitpost" music, which is something I doubt you've ever heard before. Later, in the secret part, my daughter talks to me about "Don't Hug Me, I'm Scared," a YouTube sensation. This one's pretty unique. Like my kids. 

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It's just me on the show today, plus I talk about Pokemon Go a little. No, really! 

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Ryan Holiday's new book, Ego is the Enemy , is a must buy. It really does a lot to help you get a much better handle on what's holding you back for success. Dig into this swell episode! 

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Nick Westergaard is here to talk about his new book, Get Scrappy, which is an awesome book on digital marketing and branding. Being that I don't LIKE books on digital marketing and branding, the fact I called this awesome should make you rush out and buy it. Like now

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Man, Michael Bungay Stanier's new book is a MUST buy. The Coaching Habit is really worth digging into and Michael and I share WHY in this show. 

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Ron Wallace has a great book, Leadership Lessons from a UPS Driver. His talk with me was brief but fascinating and full of value. This man's got a lot to offer and so does his book. 

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I talk with super nice guy Jay Baer about HIS new book, Hug Your Haters, and what it means to treat all criticism like it's gold.

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Fresh back from Social Media Marketing World, I give you some thoughts on what REALLY matters. Plus, I praise Gary Vaynerchuk, who I usually prefer to tease. :) 

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