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You want to live a good life? Jonathan Fields has your buckets ready. or . Get into this. 

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What to do when you're feeling lost in the wild and how to get past what's holding you back. Complete with self-referential self reference and background noise. 

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Eric Davis on his book, Raising Men - 

Come see what we're doing at Owner Media Group - 

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You're smart. Robert Cialdini knows this and is out with an amazing new book called PREsuasion, about how to influence. Huge book by an amazing author. 

Link to the book:

Link to Dr Cialdini's site: 

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John "Jay Jay" French runs Twisted Sister, and he's also the guitarist, business manager, and a lot more. We talk to Jay Jay about his documentary, "We Are Twisted Sister," about his tribute concert to remember drummer A.J. Pero, "Metal Meltdown", and more. The links for this are and . 

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People learn differently. They reach conclusions differently. You do, too. What do we do to understand this and act better around this? How will it grow your business? And Eid Mubarak and happy birthday to Jeff Pulver as well! 

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I have no guests today. Just me! in this, I talk about my new book, Find Your Writing Voice, and I talk about the cool JUMPSTART offer I've got at my company. Beyond that, I don't think I mentioned anything worthy of a show note. Oh wait, I talked about the Sodastream machine. There. That's all the notes! Promised you that I'd write better show notes and voila! Drop me an email and tell me you read them? 

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Great time talking about cybersecurity and cybersafety wtih Tim Burrows, who runs his own awesome podcast about social media and law enforcement. 

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My son, Harold Brogan, enlightens us about "soundclown" and "shitpost" music, which is something I doubt you've ever heard before. Later, in the secret part, my daughter talks to me about "Don't Hug Me, I'm Scared," a YouTube sensation. This one's pretty unique. Like my kids. 

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It's just me on the show today, plus I talk about Pokemon Go a little. No, really! 

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